Sunday, May 11, 2008

.....just breathe.....

good advice for anyone. Especially when you are freaking out about something. Like your telecom provider STILL goofing up your bill 5 months after you moved in. "No, I wanted to be in the One Bill program. I asked to be enrolled in it. How can you un-enroll me when I never was enrolled?????!!!!!" Ugh. (telecom rep) "I'm sorry I can't help you with that. Can I help you with anything else?" UGH!!!!!! As if! "Yes, please fail to help me with more things?!"

But, when that happens I try to remember the advice I give my husband, and most recently, my mother-in-law, "Just breathe". I remind my husband that I used to smoke primarily for that reason. I got to take a complete break from work; walk outside; and breathe. Now, granted I was inhaling toxic fumes! But, I was breathing deeply and that usually helps to clear your mind and calm you down. I remember missing that when I quit smoking. Of course, I didn't miss the yucky smell on everything i owned. I also enjoyed the increased lung capacity! It's amazing just how deeply you can breathe when you don't smoke :)

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