Thursday, July 10, 2008

Social Services Buzzword Bingo

One day, I will finally have all the social services paper work filled out, filed with the appropriate departments, approved applications for Medicaid and the EDCD and MR Waivers and be able to sit back and relax with a beer on the front porch and my feet up knowing that I have done all that I can to address and protect my daughter's needs. One day. But not to-day.

I am a small step closer to that One Day. I now know that Social Services is the intake office for the EDCD Waiver, and Medicaid. They need to hear the words, "I am requesting a screening for the EDCD Waiver for my child" in order to schedule the home interview and screening. It was not offered, exactly. Apparently 3 weeks ago when I called the same Social Services person I neglected to mention that sentence, and so I did receive a Medicaid application (that is rather confusing to fill out) but we didn't get an interview or screening scheduled.

To-Day I felt as though the colander that is metaphorically "my brain" was placed by some unseen government workers into a giant salad spinner, and they then proceeded to spin my colander whilst adding a bit of greenery to the salad spinner. This was the way the information regarding EDCD and MR Waivers along with Medicaid, and the CSB, the disAbility Resource Center and the Department of Social Services were bandied about in conversation. I still can't seem to wrap my brain around any of it with clarity.

I did get a bit of good information which I will be collecting to share with all who must traverse this crazy trail of Waiver and Medicaid paperwork. That is that on the Medicaid application you should indicate that "yes" I do want to speak with a social services person regarding specific issues. Namely those issues are "Long Term Care (L.T.C) and the EDCD Waiver". I had unknowingly checked "No" for that box initially. How was I to know otherwise?

When we were in Alaska this entire process was amazingly easy. I was given the contact name of our counselor. She provided a packet of information on how to fill the Medicaid forms out, and explained what each part of the form was really asking. Government-ese is a whole different language than English, and you really do need a few courses in it to become fluent. I never learned it, and it seems that since we are closer to the source of all government-ese it becomes more complicated to understand.

I will blog more about this process of applying (hopefully successfully) for Medicaid in VA and the EDCD and MR Waivers. At the least I can share my pain and misery with others :) If I can help anyone avoid my pitfalls and mistakes I will feel successful.

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