Sunday, January 11, 2009

Poetry for the. 21st century man. old is new - haiku.....

Many moons ago I started following this very cool science blog "Star Stryder". She Twitters, and of course they are on her blog side-panel. I noticed some time in the summer that sometimes they were in haiku. "How clever", I thought. She blogged about her haiku twitters.

It inspired me, and occasionally I've twittered in haiku. It's a great, and quick mental exercise. As a stay-at-home mom, I feel sometimes that my brain muscles are turning to mush. Talking to children all day, cooking, cleaning, paying the bills, laundry - these things don't tax my mind. At. All.

Blogging helps work that mushy brain, but it's like a power walk for a runner. The power walk is better than nothing but it sure isn't a good run. It just makes you want to work out more. A twaiku is like doing speed drills. You don't have to do a long workout, but the short bursts really pack a punch. In these fast-paced days with super-long to-do lists, we have a hard time fitting in a physical workout let alone a mental one. The twaiku may be just the thing to squeeze into your busy day.

I must admit, I haven't been twittering much these days. I lost my password somewhere in web and dust covered innards of my mental filing cabinet. Perhaps I saved it somewhere in a password file, but searching for it doesn't even making my to-do list these days. (more blogging on my organizational program for 09 in a future blog). For now, my twittering days have passed. After all the pre-election blog o sphere reading and 7/24 news feed, I went into computer detox. I do have two of my twai-kus that didn't disappear yet.

organization. two steps forward one step back. slow steady progress

cool crisp fluttering - red, yellow, gold, orange, brown - quiet peaceful woods.

I'm so glad as the top one reminds me why I'm not looking for that password, and the bottom one reminds me of the most beautiful Fall I have seen in many years. The best part: I didn't have to drive anywhere to see it, and it will grace my back yard every year. If I stay steady on the first twaiku I'll have time to enjoy the second one when it comes around again.

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