Wednesday, March 11, 2009

To Whom it may concern

There is one area that I could be updating and that is the open letter to whoever would be entrusted with caring for the kids. In that letter I should describe what Ellie's days are like. Well, and her nights too. How do we comfort her when she is sad. What are her favorite foods, movies, books, games, activities, songs, toys, friends, stuffed animals and of course, don't ever forget a blankie.

We sign a lot with her, and so when I give her a bath I sing some of her favorite songs while I wash her hair. Believe it or not it helps us get through hair washing without tears. I did write this letter about 2 years ago, but I think it needs updating. We were still in Alaska and ellie hadn't learned how to walk yet, let alone learn over 300 signs. She wasn't standing up for a "shower" when she gets her hair washed, but playing in bubble bath for the first half of the bath. She wasn't going potty before her bath back then.

I started this letter while Ellie was in her combo PT/Speech therapy yesterday. This is going to be a LLLLOOOOONNNNGGGGG letter. Tomorrow I need to buy a binder, lots of pretty colored tabs, and more ink and paper for the printer.

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Beth said...

Ooh. Ya know, we've had our trust for Hannah for about a decade now and I have never written that letter...I guess I'll bring that back to the top of my procrastination list.

Thanks for jostling my memory bank!