Monday, September 13, 2010

Net Loss after the first week of school lunches . . . .

That's no joke! I wasn't sure if I should allow Ellie to eat one of her favorite meals - the school lunch. Loaded with calories, many coming from fat, and lots of sodium - school lunches are not the healthiest thing on the menu. They are unfortunately a necessity for 50% of her classmates who rely on reduced or free school lunches to make it through the day. That's part of the reason for the high calorie meals. Kids in poor families may not have access to good nutrition at home and need to have at least enough calories to make through the day. I still don't understand why healthy food is so expensive but that's for another post.

I watched Ellie's weight creep up a little bit throughout the week, with some trepidation. She had a low of 54.8 lbs on 9/6/10, the day before school started. Through the week her weight rose to 55.2 lbs on Saturday 9/11/10. However my dear spouse reminded me that unlike us who just get fatter when our weight rises - Ellie is still getting taller. He wondered if she had grown any taller since I last measured her height. Low and behold he is a smart bugger! Ellie had grown a 1/2 inch since August 24!! This brought her BMI down on 9/11/10 to 22.6 from a high of 23.2 on 9/5/10 (her weight that day was 55.4lbs).

She gets to celebrate her hard work and success by enjoying another week of school lunches. Personally I'd rather have chocolate!

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