Thursday, February 17, 2011

Get out and get moving - enjoy this spring like weather!

Today is a swim team day, but unlike other days this year, Ellie will not be hanging out at the nursery in the YMCA. I cancelled the family membership, well, changed it to a student only membership for her big brother, the swimmer. Ellie and I will be outside today. It's gorgeous outside and since she feels better I am putting my new plan into action.

I am packing some bubbles, a soccer ball and a change of clothes! We are going to have our usual picnic dinner in the car, but then we are going to the playground with our balls and our bubbles so that Ellie can work on some oral motor and gross motor skills. In addition, she can just get moving and work on losing some weight :) Next month she starts soccer, and I want her to be ready!

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