Friday, March 21, 2008

all-nighter's - relieving the college years?

technology has brought back my youth. now I have a reason to stay up late, way too late into the wee dark hours when the house creaks and groans in unforgiving ways. Just like my almost middle aged (won't admit it - ever!) body. Hmm. Let's google something to take our minds off that.

Sadly, it's like when you finally get to go on a date with your husband after months w/o. (should we even admit how many?????) What do you talk about? The kids. Of course. Don't we all :) And they are great kids. But, you got married for a reason that had nothing to do with kids. Even if the kids precede the marriage date, you still had fun together before the kids.

How to rebuild that fun? It's not as hard as searching for the fountain of youth. And it doesn't require a baby sitter. Just a lock on your door :) and the ability to step out of your every day, mom and dad, same stuff different day shoes.

We do have to remind ourselves about it though. Because, I'd say I'm pretty good at all of that, I am with a free night on my hands and what am I doing: I am googling mom and kid stuff. The issues in our own little world today: signing time, CogAT, moving with kids, etc. Where did all the exciting things of my youth go? I could google them, but first I need to remember where I put them. Someplace safe I'm sure.

But then there is light - I can always blog. it will force the stream of consciousness to clear out the old habits and allow the new ones to take hold. If only for a little while.

It's like when you are gardening. If you have an invasive weed that wants to take over your garden you must be vigilant, diligent in your weeding endeavors and gentle to your native plants. If not, you will destroy the fledgling native plants and be stuck with only the invasive ones.

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