Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Barack Obama is so cool!

I was really impressed with how he has handled himself during these three debates, and the whole campaign so far. If someone were throwing that many curve balls I'd be swinging in the dirt. But not Barack. He calmly corrects the worst of the crap, and ignores the rest of it. I loved that he said the American public doesn't care about their (his and Sen. McCain's) hurt feelings but rather the economy and what the two candidates propose to do about it. He says the things that we are all feeling, but he says it in a way that isn't crass.

Originally I was unsure who to vote for. Then John McCain went ahead and did something really stupid and picked Sarah Palin as his running mate. That clinched it for me - Barack Obama had my vote from that moment on. But still, I had been missing Hillary, and didn't know much about Barack, so my support was lukewarm. After 3 debates and many hours of news: papers, blogs, radio and tv, I feel excited to be voting for Obama. I am PROUD to be an Obama Mama! When he speaks, he doesn't sugar coat the problems or the solutions but I have hope when I hear him. I just get high blood pressure when I hear John McCain. And don't even get me started on Sarah "New Hampshire is in the Northwest" Palin. UGH!!

Barack Obama made a fantastic choice as a running mate - Joe Biden is awesome. He was cool as a cucumber during his debate with Sarah "you betcha" Palin. Far more cool than I would have been. My 9 year old could out-debate her on the issues. The running mate pick says more about character, choices and the direction the candidates plan to take our country. Sarah "dinosuars and man walked the earth together" Palin would take us back to the stone age. I'd like to head to the future not the past.

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