Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bring Out Yer Dead!

Chicken Pox? But, I'm not dead yet!

So, we are resorting to the age-old custom of quarantine. Ugh. It's only Chicken Pox. When I was a kid, they sent you to school. Every kid should experience the calomine-lotion-crust-covered-itch-fest that is Chicken Pox. It's a rite of passage.

But not in this kinder-gentler-lawyer-driven world in which we now live. I was going to take my possibly (we still aren't certain it's Chicken) pox covered preschool daughter to an awards assembly. Her healthy big brother was receiving an award at his school today. He was so thrilled! He was crushed when yesterday I said, "Maybe I shouldn't go. Since Ellie might have Chicken Pox." His face fell to the ground. So, I lessened it by adding, "Well maybe I'll come. I could put Ellie in the stroller so she's not touching everything and everyone. Unless the Doctor calls and tells me otherwise." He perked up quickly. Getting sushi for dinner helped too.

So, Guess what? Today, Ellie and I were all ready to go. Took showers, got dressed up nice and pretty. We were going to drop books at the library and pick up some apples and things at the store, then head over to the school. Camera battery was all charged and everything was set.

You see, Ellie is not looking or acting sick. Well, except for the 2 dozen red dots all over her face. They aren't really anywhere else - excepting for one on her wrist, one on her collar bone, and a few in the diaper area. Ok, I guess there are a few more than yesterday's 1/2 dozen on her face. Hghmmmmmmmm......

My Doctor's nurse called an hour before we were going to leave. "How's Ellie?" I explained how she seems fine excepting for these little dots. "What did Doctor .... tell you yesterday?" I reiterated that we were staying home from school. My Doctor's office called me back within 10 minutes of my explaining how Ellie looked and felt (she is happy as a clam, eating well, playing, etc.) and that we were thinking of going to the Awards Assembly. "No, no, no.... " siad the Nurse. "Dr. .... said it's HGHLY contaigious. In a well ventilated building she could be on the first floor, and some one on the third floor could get her Chicken Pox."


So, I hastily penned a note to my son's teacher. "Please tell him how SORRY I am!" And I sit, and eat chocolate, and blog. But not in my pajamas. We are all dressed up and nowhere to go.

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