Thursday, February 4, 2010

changes are coming

I have been neglecting this blog as I ponder my future writing endeavors. I enjoy writing about my kids, but I have been feeling the need to share more of my knowledge base than this blog is really intended to cover.

As a stay-at-home mom these last 10 years I have become a expert home economist. Anyone who cuts their family budget by more than 50% and adds a mouth to feed, cloth and insure (health wise!) knows that requires some real creativity. Our family has moved twice across the country, bought in a seller's market, sold (twice) in a buyer's market, dealt with a variety of health issues, added another mouth to feed, cloth and insure - that one came with here on special needs as well. Somehow through it all we reduced our debt-load, increased our savings and still had fun!

Our income has risen over the years, but so have our financial burdens. Through it all we've learned what we really need and want to find enjoyment in our lives. We know that there are many who struggle more than we ever did, and we are always looking to share what we can with those in need. We have learned to eat healthier, reduce our carbon footprint and enjoy a wide variety of activities all on one income. How have we done it? That's what I plan to share with you. Exciting additions are headed your way - stay tuned.

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