Monday, February 8, 2010

Low Salt Cooking to Avoid High Blood Pressure and the various meds . . .

Well, how do you like that. I thought I was the salt 'nazi' (and i'd really like a better noun there, just haven't gotten my creative juices flowing in that direction). I was looking at labels, buying no-sodium chicken broth (it really is flavorful) and beef broth, making sure we have lots of whole foods and especially produce in the kitchen. There's a huge bowl of apples, bananas and clementines on the counter. My produce drawer always has salad fixings, and if you're really lucky you can even find some of the slimy, hidden-at-the-back-of-the-drawer-variety of produce too. We've cut back on the red meat and dramatically increased the chicken and fish. Our lunch meat and cheeses include a variety of low-sodium choices as well. I thought I was doing so well. I was keeping the sodium under 2000 mg a day, and for those who really need it - way lower.

Then, the snow storm of hte century was upon us. Our idea of preparing for it was an extra large order of chinese food.
Sounds like I covered all the bases, right? Well not if you read this article in the LA Times from June, 2009, titled "The hidden salt in chicken". I was shocked, I tell you. This is outrageous!! For those of us who are trying, desperately, to create a healthy and yummy low-sodium and heart-healthy life, chicken is essential. Now to find out that most of the birds roosting on the store shelves are filled with extra sodium is really annoying. I'm not endorsing any brand but Foster Farms does say on their website that their chicken does not have added sodium. I haven't checked my local stores yet to see the truth on the labels. That's for the next post - once snowmaggeddon ends and the kids go back to school I can wander the aisles in peace. If the kids stay home any longer it will become their homeschooling project.

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