Monday, April 6, 2009

Favorite Color is .......

Ellie has told me what her favorite color is! Since mine is pink, I always dress her in that, but I did buy a few purple shirts and capri combos for spring. Well, I dressed her in that yesterday and she got SO EXCITED and tried to say "Purple" while she signed it, and signed each peice of clothing too. So, purple shirt, purple pants (they are a purple/turq/brown plaid) they sound awful but they are cute if you don't ask her brother's opinion. And then she got really excited by the purple socks!

I was guessing this might be her fav. She has requested and repeatedly watched Signing Times My Favorite Things. It has a great song "Do You Know the Colors of the Rainbow?" Ellie signs to the song and all the colors. Till recently she only tried to say blue. Over the last two weeks she has been trying to say purple and with a big smile on her face too! So, the verdict is in. Favorite Color: Purple!

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Beth said...

Cute! I have a purple lover too!