Sunday, April 26, 2009

When I wasn't looking, she took more steps

Here is Ellie showing signs of regressing by staying in my arms for most of my Grandmother's 90th birthday party. She has a big smile on her face because she loves to pose for the camera, and she loves people. Large crowds make her nervous, she's been in hotels, changed 4 time zones and frankly doesn't know where she'll be when she next wakes up.

Every time we travel or have company: two things that throw Ellie's world out of sync, her behavior regresses. Typically she stops sitting at the table in her own chair for meals. She will only eat on my lap. This gets old really quick, and causes my legs to fall asleep! The other thing she stops doing well is sleeping. Staying up late, or waking often in the night are typical behavior patterns when we travel and have company. I love coffee, so I survive with a little extra Joe. She goes back to sleeping peacefully through the night after a week or so.

Of course, I forget this little tid bit each time we have company. It's more obvious to me when we all head out of Dodge, than it is when we stay put and just add people. For instance, the last time Grammy and Pop Pops visited, Ellie spent the weekend on my lap for every meal, stayed up late, woke up often and early every day.

But, this past weekend we had a HUGE breakthrough. Ellie's Uncle Dave visited from Alaska. She hasn't seen him in 6 months. She not only slept her regular schedule, sat in her chair for every meal, but also started talking more!! Woo Hoo!! Go Ellie! That was the weekend of "I Want Popcorn" and "I want Pauper". I am so proud of my little girl. She continues to amaze me.

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