Friday, September 12, 2008

unplug your run

Well, today was supposed to be a 4 mile run, and I had just headed out on my road with my ipod securely strapped to my arm. Yesterday I bought a new arm band for it so it wouldn't flop around on my waist, and I wouldn't have to carry it. I test ran it yesterday at the gym for 4 miles on the treadmill - worked great!

So, cloudy weather, still air, rather humid, turn on my generic workout playlist and hit the road. I was rather tired, and not so into running till my feet hit the pavement. It always feels good to me - that rhythm, the feeling of my whole body working hard for something good. About 1.4 miles into the run my Ipod freezes on me! Ugh!! I've struggled with this ipod and this error before. So I try to reboot - it does, but *lost* my playlists, and all my music! So after cursing it, I just pulled the ear buds out of my ear, and, listened to the world around me.

I live in the woods, and so my streets are alive with mother nature. I chatted with a garter snake who sought the road for some warmth. I mourned the loss of a frog, who didn't hop away from the oncoming car in time. I cheered on my neighbors who were out for a run with their dogs. I marvelled at the sight of a dozen gold finches flocking together, and enjoyed the blue birds in flight and song. Later after my run I delighted in a glimpse at the common flicker looking for bugs in one of my trees.

So the next time you head out for a run, I leave this thought:
unplugging your run, nature awaiting rejoice, wings carry away

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