Wednesday, September 17, 2008

When will the Republicans and this Administration Get It?

We need new energy sources, not more oil drilling. UGH! I just read the headlines about the House of Representatives Energy Bill finally passing. Exciting news as it includes incentives for alternative sources of energy. But the Administration and the Rebublicans don't get it. And are threatening a veto if the Senate can get their bill off the ground. I have to do more research in to the specifics of these bills, but at least the House has gotten somewhere. I sure hope the Senate gets a bill passed quickly and they get a compromise pushed through to put the Administration's heels to the proverbial fire. It would shake up this election and get the candidates focused on the issues.

Republicans scare me. We need to get off of oil. Plain and simple. It is NOT renewable. Using it contributes to Global Warming. We are responsible for our energy crisis and our environmental crisis. We can solve both if we act NOW.

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